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James Hill

James Hill

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Nano Tech Buzz LLC is for everything about Nanotechnology. My name is James Hill but I’m better known as a blogger around the net about engineering and design, especially small scale designs on different appliances and small machines. This is yet another blog of my passion about industrial engineering and design or anything about technology. Many may be wondering why a graduate (hey that’s me) of industrial engineering is interested in biochemical or molecular chemistry. Well, nanotechnology has always been a buzzword ever since it was introduce in the 1980s. The implications of the principles of nanotechnology has been tremendous and not without controversies. But even if it is still on the debating table, nanotechnology has impacted such diverse fields from semiconductors to medicine. So the potential of nanotechnology is great. The intention of this website is to write and act as a source to various topics in nanotechnology like nanomedicine, nanomaterials, nanoelectornics, biomaterials, chemistry and everything that it has impacted. The impact of nanotechnology of how we perceived design is also outstanding, introducing concepts such as bottom-up and top-down approaches.

The Blogger:

James Hill has always been passionate about how things work. He always was around in his father electronic shop after school and started to work on his own electronic projects as young as 9. Learning more about design in large manufactures, he took up industrial engineering in college and landed a job at a large semiconductor manufacturer. But he still was not satisfied with electronics and semiconductors. He eventually started blogging about auto mechanics, industrial design and biochemistry. This is another blog about his love for invention and innovation. This blog was created in 2014. He is all ears to those who share his passion. Contact here or visit at 400 S. 4th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101.