A Great Way to Increase Productivity – Using Desktop Search Tool by X1

X1 is one of the best social media service companies in existence. Deriving its name from the first airplane to travel at supersonic speeds, X1 has made its goal to enable to find the information that they need as rapidly as possible. The founder was motivated to create the business when he found that too many of today’s businesspeople are suffering from “information overload” — in other words, their problem is not that they do not have information, but rather the opposite: They have so much information that they do not know what to do therewith. Whether the client wants to help their company to achieve the “bottom line” or solve some other problem, X1 is always eager to lend a helping hand. This article will be devoted entirely to their Desktop Search line, which is the foremost of their products.

Desktop Search

There are two products in X1’s Desktop Search line:

(1) X1 Search 8

(2) X1 Search 8 Virtual Edition

Each of the following subsections is a summary of the video on the page for that product on X1’s website. Other videos and webinars are also available there.


X1 Search 8

X1 Search 8 was created with the objective of combating the information overload problem mentioned in the introduction. It does so by organizing the user’s emails, attachments, files, SharePoint data and more into a comprehensive and rapidly searchable index. It thus takes the work out of finding the data that one needs. X1 Search 8 was built with the end user’s perspective in mind, with the specific goal of limiting the number of keystrokes one needs to make. No more does the user need to be stuck with one frustrating Web search after another; information can now be found in four simple steps: browse, search, preview and act. It takes just a few seconds to go from thousands of search results to just three!

With just a few keystrokes, the source allows you to browse the information. By choosing a range of different search views, you can narrow down your results and even add the ones you want to your favorites toolbar.

If you are not sure if the email you are seeking was sent or received, you can choose “email” to include all the messages in your account or limit the results to those present in your Outlook inbox; select SharePoint to browse the SharePoint sites that you have added to X1; choose the attachments view so that only those messages with attached documents such as spreadsheets, PDFs or Power Point presentations, will be given; and even search for keywords within attachments! Once you have found the right email, X1 ties it all together with post-search actions so you can seamlessly open folders, delete, reply, forward or even send by email without leaving the application.

X1 Search 8 Virtual Edition

The purpose of this program is to make your VDI experience a more pleasant one. At present, it is the one and only tool for virtual desktop searches that has been carved for the VDI environment and allows Boolean and keyword searching.